My First Blog!

Hey, thanks for reading my new blog. I hope that you stay current and follow me. I like to keep everything updated so I will try to write a little something every day. That will keep everyone informed and well versed in buying and selling in the cyber world.

It really is easy. Although it may seem as if it is difficult and overwhelming but trust, I if I can do this then you can too. It just take a little guidance and know how. However, once you know how to do one then you can do a million.

For years, I always thought that a person has to have all of this education and whatever. Know this and that, coding, numbers, media. So much, right?


There are some coding that everyone needs, however, once you get the hand of it, you will be creating and developing sites in no time. What easier is that? Buying and selling domain names.

I like to think of common names and stuff that I thin will be relevant to what is going on now. Not to mentions, pay attention to what is going on in the world, new trends, technology, and business. This will aid you in trying to figure out what names to choose.

Well, if you want more tips and tidbits then you must continue reading my blog daily. I know you didn’t think that you were going to get all of my knowledge on the first article did you? Nope, this was to hook you.

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