What a great day!

I am so glad that yesterday is over, its tomorrow is today. In addition, a brand new one at that. Filled with promised and joy!

As you can read that, I am in a great mood today. Yesterday I was in the armpit of life now I am the crown’s jewels. After I woke up there was a check in the mail apparently, I was a part of some class action lawsuit that had settled out of court. I was awarded a great sum of four hundred and seventy five dollars and thirty-seven cents!

Just like that, I got a boost in my pockets. Whenever I received money like this, which is not often, I always feel as though it should not be used on anything responsible.   You know, money is as this is fun money. That kind of money that you blow on something that you would never buy otherwise. Using because it is too ridiculous or expensive.

That takes me to my purchase. Although I do not like to use such money on things that deem me responsible. However, for weeks I have been considering buying a new laptop with a larger external zip drive for saving all of my stuff on. I have even been saving money to do so.

This weekend I was going to buy one that is slightly less fabulous then the one that I really want. Simply because it is the one that I can afford.

Now I can get the more expensive one and my super sweet zip drive!

Definitely a good day!

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