One cold night

Last night it was a little cold, right.   I know I was not the only one looking for an extra blanket to warm up with. Which is crazy because this entire week it felt great. Wonderfully and delightfully, spring like weather.

However, last night it was an entire different story.

What is worst is my heat would not work. Now I have to scour the internet for a Heating company that are also licensed & insured cooling experts that will come out today and something that I can afford. I mean your girl is not a rich girl. Ugh, how I wish my big brother lived a little closer. He loves tinkering with things.

Which led me to calling him. Although he is too far away to fix my furnace, boo hood, he always knows how to find the best air conditioner & how to do troubleshooting and heating specialists. He knows people all over this world it seems. Even as kids, he was very resourceful and engramic. What can I say people love him?

However, I was unable to reach him. After call after call I could not even gleaned a peep for him. Which is weird because he is always so available to me.

Then I remembered that he was on a business trip. Duh, how could I forget that? He has been bragging for weeks about his free, expense paid trip to Aruba. All on the companies dimes, including the private jet and personal driver. If only you could see my eye roll.

Without big brother’s help, I was able to find a great HVAC company.

Completely by accident. I was online reseating and trying to figure out what to do. I even started looking for videos on how to fix the problems myself. I figured that I could not be that hard. I can install and reprogrammed a computer in three seconds flat. Well, maybe that is an exaggeration however I am great at what I do.

Back to what I was saying, I started googling “should I pick bryant or rheem

Six hours later, nothing. Finding an ad for a heating and cooling company, I gave them a call.

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