About Aaliya Casnave

As the youngest child of four kids I always given the cast off from my older sisters.  It seems that everything that I did got on their nerves.  I cannot count the numbers of times that I was hollered at, threatened, and harassed.  Those girls were viscous.  Even with all the bad and horrific teasing I under went from my sisters there were also many moments that I will cherished for a lifetime.  It is those moments that I thank God, everyday that I was given sisters and not raggedy brothers!

With that being said I spent a lot time in the upstairs of our house, in the attic be exact.  With so many people under one roof it is hard to get a moment of peace.  One day my parents had me moved some stuff into our attic.  Seeing the space and potential I ask if I could moved out my sister’s room.  Then into the attic.  They said yes!

I spent a lot times up there on my laptop.  My technology teacher had taught us how to create websites, host them, buy domain names.  To this day he is my favorite teacher.

All that time really paid off I was buying and selling domains and creating websites by the time I was fourteen years old.  I was so glad when they came out with prepaid credit cards and visa and MasterCard gift cards.  This is how I was able to register and host sites.

Which led me to this blog, explaining to you the layman how to do what I did as a kid a make your own money!